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The Unpaper Towel

I designed my Unpaper towels to replicate the product we are accustomerd to.  My Unpaper towels will make the transition easier for anyone to  switch to a zero waste lifestyle with little effort.  The clear plastic tube is the exact size of the cardboard tube, therefore will fit on ANY holder.  Each towel has 6 snaps which makes "tearing" each towel easy. 

They are microwave safe (reheating pizza), use them for dishes, windows, floors, pets, kids. Great for guest bathrooms... FANTASTIC for the gym.. put a roll by the door to wipe your pets feet after a walk (instead of that gross muddy towel). Throw in the wash, and have a clean one waiting! 

ALL Cloths are pre-washed and pre-shrunk so they will always go back on the tube.   Soft, absorbent flannel on the front and terry cloth on the back. The snaps are smooth plastic and very durable.